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Time Repair

Galería Mascota is pleased to present Time Repair, Michael Ross´s second solo exhibition at the gallery , where the small- scale  pieces seem to be almost playing with the invisibility of the space.

“Michael Ross´s sculptures make those who let themselves taken up, pass into the least determinable spheres of reality, like those of the most exact and universal fiction, or fantasy, from the attentions of the most banal every day to the least willed of artistic intention, and vice versa.” (Emmanuel Latreille, 2001)

Known since the 80s for his small format pieces, Michael Ross operates by finding different tiny pieces that he puts together to create the works he presents, thus recovering metallic materials, various papers, plastics, among others. Some of his pieces can be interpreted as strongly influenced by the minimalist sculptures of American artist Donald Judd, only this time he takes the size to a scale that fits in the palm of the hand.

Ross´sculptures have been described as “elegant, self-effacing works indirectly raise the question of the relationship between scale and presence - relative values that can only be intuitively felt, rather than objectively measured” (Ralph Rugoff, 1997)

As has already been commented throughout other exhibitions around the world, his pieces, having such a reduced size to the sense of sight, provoke the desire to touch in order to have a better understanding of what looks like an almost mechanical structure, a tiny flash of color on the wall.

Time Repair will be up until May 6th.

Michael Ross

(b.1954) For the past three decades  Michael has had direct his focus toward small, precise wall mounted sculptures created from scraps, unidentifiable hardware and miscellaneous things. Michael Ross’s earliest small-scale sculpture consisted of a single upright thimble containing the dust from several rooms of his home. Due to their small scale the works highlight the selection of materials and the importance they may convey no matter the scale of the final work.

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