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A D U E T T E, an exhibition with new works from Adam Stamp and Juliette Blightman organized together with O Town House in LA.

Juliette Blightman

The relationship between art and life is essential in Juliette Blightman’s practice, which is based on observations and impressions of her everyday life. With different media such as photography, drawing, painting, video, performance and text Blightman creates a continuous stream of images as from a diary, capturing moments of her family life, friends, parties, travels, exhibitions and more. Blightman involves the viewer in her daily life while reflecting on the self, amidst the backdrop of broader world events. Exploring a combination of voyeurism with a sense of melancholy, her work pushes the boundary between private moments and shared intimacy. These works in particular are also based on the portal window at the O-Town House gallery space in Los Angeles, transporting us from Mexico City to an imagined version of a familiar place far away.

Adam Stamp

Adam Stamp is particularly interested in exploring this idea during a moment when social spaces and socializing is fraught, and as people struggle to find new ways to connect, gather, and celebrate. Stamp’s decidedly social objects live outside of exhibition and storage, where they are activated in real time by participants who encounter the work. The artist refers to his sculptures as “emotional support objects,” where objects from the real world are tweaked and imbued with a sometimes comical, sometimes tragic subjectivity. Similarly, Stamp also collects (or rather hoards) napkins, matchbooks, accoutrements from a variety of sources. These things provide the foundation for his ongoing drawing practice. While traveling (or not), Stamp utilizes found or imagined letterheads and combines them with silkscreens of re-purposed logos and expertly drafted drawings to create beautiful compositions that are more narrative constellations - refracting and rephrasing the visual world around him.

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