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2009, Mexican

SANGREE Is a Mexico City based collaboration between René Godinez-Pozas (b. 1986, Mexico City) and Carlos Lara (b. 1985, Mexico City).

They started working collaboratively in 2009 in a homologue photography zine that meant to explore the most puzzling subjects on human history through images made by the artists. This visual investigation on many different subjects such as nature, technology, popular culture the cosmos, history, etc. progressively migrated to different media giving way to the creation of two ever-growing archives: a photography and a drawing one. Both archives are continuously being updated and are regarded as pools of ideas from which different projects emerge.

The extensive range of subjects they have explored throughout a decade has led them to develop and interest in materiality and the use of different kinds of media which spans from traditional techniques to craftful handmade processes, to large scale architectural installations.

Selected Works


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