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NADA NY 2018

03.07.2018 - 03.11.2018

Christian Camacho

Application Text:
Christian´s exposition at NADA NY deals with the re-structuralization of the ideas attached to painting and sculpture as a result of imagining both fields as interchangeable groups.

This practice has come about from two observations:
1) The need to discreetly rebuild the surface of a Museum’s walls (namely,
Museo Jumex’s white concrete) in order to adopt it as a possible support for a
group of works.

2) The creation of paintings derived from a house on the brink of demolition
which is manufactured from elements retrieved from it´s garden.

These processes, which are formed by the logic of the fragment, strengthen the possibility of the particular and the minor, as thresholds in which it´s possible to activate a broader sense of observation and promote a more complex system of artistic relation.