Postal Mascota

07.21.2016 - 09.07.2016

Featuring works by:
Tomer Aluf
Sadie Laska
Monique Mouton
Nikholis Planck

Everyone on earth is waiting for the same letter,
the same letter they themselves
have failed to send.

The snake travels on shifting muscles
making space
taking space away.

The rose hip travels by bird
and dulcitude or
the slow decay of its outer walls.

A woman travels by train
while a leather strap holds her foot in place.

The tadpole tries not to travel too far
before becoming a frog.

She used to walk in a circle
on the corner of Altamirano and
each day holding someone different:
A snake
A fish
An electric eel.

When I was a boy
I lured a big big fish into my net.
J smashed her head with a rock
and when we cut her open
she was filled with roe.

Hold your pets close, but not too close.
Hold your faith close, but not too close.

One idea: we could get down
onto our hands and knees
and bang on the earth
like it’s a big door.

-Rachel James